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The MobileOne family is a unique bunch. We know what it’s like to work a dead-end job with uninspiring coworkers and frankly, we’re over it. We simply won’t settle. When you join MobileOne, you are surrounded by people who want to see you grow and thrive. Whether you’re being mentored for a promotion or competing for a trip to Vegas, your teammates will always push you to be your best and more importantly, be yourself. We win together. We celebrate each other.


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Employee spotlight Nina

Nina Valiere

My MobileOne journey started back in July 2018 when a friend of mine had recruited me to the team. Prior to MobileOne, I was working for a major department store but left due to limited opportunities. I heard great things about this company and decided to take the leap of faith to establish a new direction in my career.

I started as a Mobile Expert, competing as one of the top sales reps in MobileOne. In just a year and a half, I was promoted to Store Manager in which I’ve had the opportunity to teach my success and elevate multiple locations in the company. As I am approaching my third year working for MobileOne, I have been equipped with the proper skills to be a successful manager. I have been blessed to work alongside some great people that constantly push one another for excellence. MobileOne has provided an abundance of growth and skills that I can apply within the workplace and also my day to day life!

Reflecting on the past three years, I never expected to be in the position, considering I did not have previous wireless experience. I’ve been able to manage multiple stores, build relationships and also travel to different places for work. It has been a great journey in my career and I am looking forward to continued success.

Favorite MobileOne Moment:

Getting the opportunity to travel to Denver to help open a new market!

Favorite Hobby:

Boating and sunbathing on Lake Washington

Favorite Movie:

Fast and Furious

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