Time and money. Two things that just about every person could use more of. Our busy lives can get pretty hectic, so finding time to exercise can be a struggle. Not to mention the soaring prices for gym membership are only getting more and more expensive for the average person. But nonetheless, every person needs time to set aside for exercise.

So why not make it as easy and convenient is possible? With your smartphone, you have access to a ton of great fitness apps, so you can take your workout with you anywhere you go!


Here are a few of the best workout apps currently on the market that are available for both iOS and Android:


Nike+ Training Club

An app with a wide range of different workouts to choose from! Some are quick, easy and can be completed in 15 minutes, while the longer sessions will really push and improve your overall endurance. This app will sync well with a larger screen device using AirPlay, AppleTV, and Chromecast. Plus it has a feature where celebrities like Serena Williams will break a sweat alongside you so you can use that for motivation!



Featuring workouts that revolve around high-intensity interval training, this app has four main areas of focus: Gym, Bodyweight Workouts & Training, Nutrition, and Running, so you’ll have a full, comprehensive array of areas to get you in the shape you want to be in. The app also features videos that do a great job of demonstrating the proper form and other knowledge you need to successfully maximize each different exercise.



You can tell the Sworkit app what kind of workout you’d like to do and how much time you have to do it, and it will deliver some exercise moves that meet your criteria. The app is designed around a simple system that works best with those who already have workout experience/knowledge and know exactly what areas of the body they’d like their workout to focus on.


Daily Burn

Think of this app like your own private Youtube fitness channel! It has around 500 different workout videos that are down by the experts. Workouts range from 15 minutes to one hour. While the app itself is free, there are some extra options that can get your workouts more detailed for an extra charge.


Daily Yoga

Find the time to center yourself and get as close to nirvana as possible with this free yoga app! With high quality videos guidance and a wide range of different routines that are all under 30 minutes, what are you waiting for?



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