As the leader of the wireless industry, T-Mobile is prepared to dominate the 5G era, bringing this new generation of mobile technology to the economy’s forefront and elevating the wireless experience for all consumers. 5G, currently in development with plans to launch in 2020, is the next step in mobile internet connectivity. With faster speeds and more dependable connections, this revolutionary network technology is the most anticipated innovation of the times.


As 5G develops, working in unison with current 3G and 4G technology to enhance online efficiencies all over the world, T-Mobile dives head first as the only company bringing a “broad and deep nationwide 5G network to market quickly in the first years of 5G innovation Cycle.” T-Mobile’s vision to “spark the economy” and “Super-charge the Uncarrier” is on track, as they prepare to merge with Sprint to lead the 5G revolution by lowering prices for consumers and creating new jobs nationwide. With this merger and the digital infrastructures between the two companies, the new T- Mobile plans to create the “highest capacity network in U.S. History” by 2024.


Now, that’s a bright future to look forward to! So, what are you waiting for? Switch to the UnCarrier now and join us in this race to 5G.


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