Need last-minute gift inspiration for your tech-obsessed loved ones? We’ve got you covered with some of the coolest tech gifts trending right now that are so good, you’ll want them all for yourself. Happy gifting!


Fitbit Alta HR for the Health Nut


Perhaps one of the most popular gifts this season is the Fitbit Alta HR. Measure calorie burn and heart rate, sleep patterns, and workouts to whip you into shape. Help keep your loved ones healthy this holiday season!


Season of FREE from T-Mobile for the Tech Enthusiast


Check out T-Mobile’s special holiday deals happening NOW! From a free iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S9 to amazing offers on unlimited plans that come with eye-popping savings on accessories, phones and more, these deals are too good to miss.


MacBook Air 2018 for that Special Someone


With an all-day battery life, the MacBook Air is everything this holiday! It’s updated to include a new retina display, butterfly keyboard,  Touch ID security and a slim, light-as-a-feather feel. Although it’s not the most affordable gift, it’s worth every penny.


Olympus Pen EL9 Camera for the Modern Millennial


Make the transition from your Smartphone to a real camera an easy one with the Olympus Pen EL9. This slick camera captures crisp, clear, high-resolution photos and offers a variety of features and options designed for the modern millennial. This gift is the perfect choice for your preteen or college kiddo (and let’s face it, us adults would love it too!).


Parrot Mambo FPV for the Drone Obsessed


If you’re new to “Droning” and want something affordable and user-friendly, this is your best friend. Take aerial photos and learn how to fly like a pro and impress your friends! The Parrot Mambo FPV includes auto-pilot, which makes it one of the easiest mini-drones on the market to use. Have fun giving this clever gift to your friends or family!



Happy Holidays from all of us at MobileOne! 


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