That means it time to get tech-y, futuristic and down-right nerdy. Here are our top FIVE Halloween costume ideas for all you tech lovers out there. Scroll through our list below and find our favorite DIY costumes that will inspire your tech-y costume. Have fun!


Mobile App

mobile app via Opportunity Max

Who wouldn’t want to be a mobile app? This easy DIY costume is not only clever, but a great way to meet people! Grab any “appetizer-friendly” foods and put it on a tray. Walk around and voila! You’re now a mobile app.


Google Maps

google maps via Instagram

We love this simple costume that screams nerdy and creative! All you need is construction paper to make the locator dot and yellow duct or electrical tape for your roads.


Error 404

error 404 via Instagram

Perhaps one of the easiest to create, this idea is perfect for the last-minute costume maker. ALl you need is a white t-shirt and a black sharpie. You have a witty and very simple Halloween costume.


LED Light-It-up

led-lights via Instructables

Although costumes that contain lights are more detail-oriented, they will make a huge statement in the dark on Halloween night. Light up your neighborhood or your Halloween party with fun LED-inspired costumes.


SEO Ninja

seo ninja via Pinterest

Another simple idea, we love the contrast of light and dark. Dress in all black as a ninja and tape fun Halloween SEO keywords (type or write on paper) on your outfit. Love it!


Happy Halloween from all of us at MobileOne! 


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