In a world of scams and scary solicitors, it’s especially important to trust that your digital devices are protecting you. Our personal data and privacy is precious, and it’s being violated more and more by robo-callers scamming or fear-mongering us into schemes.

That’s why T-Mobile developed a customer protection plan with their NAME ID app for iOS and an update for Androids that gives us more control over our phones now more than ever. Once again, T-Mobile steps up to protect its customers and provide them a modern safety net for the digital age.


The Name ID app provides premium call control for its users. Check out the valuable features this app entails:

  • Personal Number Blocking (even when your phone is off, they can’t reach you!)
  • Reverse Number Lookup
  • Control over Robocall and Telemarketer Categories and Surveyors
  • Automated Voicemail Delivery (send those “unknown” or long-distance numbers directly to voicemail)
  • Identification of Unknown Numbers (finally, you can see what company is calling or texting)
  • Controlled Settings, even if you lose your phone, your settings will always be saved and protected.

Knowledge is power–and NAME ID gives you just that. Don’t let scammers get the best of you or your phone. For more details on the T-Mobile NAME ID app and customer call protection plans, visit


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