Introducing T-Mobile Essentials AND T-Mobile ONE w/ONE Plus Family!


T-Mobile is listening to their customers! On August 10th, T-Mobile introduced T-Mobile Essentials, a new plan for to meet the needs of Americans covered by the Un-carrier’s expanding network. T-Mobile Essentials is designed for those who say they want just the essentials at an affordable price: unlimited talk, text and smartphone data in the U.S. for only $30 per line for a family of four with autopay.

In addition, customers can now add a boosted option— the ONE Plus Family plan— to the popular T-Mobile ONE flagship plan, which already offers amazing benefits such as free Netflix; inflight wi-fi capability; HD video (2X speeds in Global countries on ALL phones in the family); Name ID, Voicemail to Text; and the Mobile Hotspot increased from 10GB to 20GB on all phones.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.17.58 AM

T-Mobile’s LTE network has tripled in size over the last three years and now reaches nearly every American! From basic to boosted, the Essentials and ONE Plus Family Plan is everything you need, fit for your lifestyle, for the best price on the market.


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