As the new year approaches, it’s time to think about unique ways to increase your business productivity and inspire your team to be as efficient and focused as possible. Introducing our favorite tech products to do just that!


Set your business on fire with these top biz-inspired gadgets of the moment:



Standing Desk and Treadmill: Work and get movin’ — at the same time! 


One of our favorite tools that saves time and promotes healthy wellness is the Standing Desk and Treadmill.  Stay productive and active without leaving your office and reap the healthy benefits! Many people find sitting in their office chairs all day uncomfortable, and can even cause back pain. This allows you to stay moving, keep the blood circulating, while staying productive. Try from a variety of desk treadmills available online.


Cellular Enabled Tablets: The freedom to work ANYWHERE.


Brought to you by T-Mobile, the Un-carrier provides a wide selection of cellular enabled tablets that allow you to work and stream from just about anywhere in the world–which means work doesn’t have to suffer when traveling or stuck on the subway.


BrightLink Pro Interactive Display: Meetings will never be the same — only better.


This exciting and innovative tool is the perfect modern solution to communicating with your team. Link and share your meeting information with others from all kinds of sources like your phone, tablet, and computer in the form of a digital active whiteboard, a video conference or a large tablet screen. Meetings will become more efficient and productive in no time.


Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and POWER UP: Boost productivity all day long!


Need a little pick-me-up in the office over the holiday season–or really anytime? Get hours of battery and listen to music as you work hard all day long. With built-in Alexa, your team can even order takeout or ask trivia questions to break the monotony of the work day.


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