As we head into August and find ways to deal with the summer heat, there’s no better time than now to spend some time inside with your fans or air conditioning blasting cold air at you while you watch your favorite Netflix shows. 

The beginning of this new month means a bunch of new releases from one of the world’s most popular streaming services. And if you’re a T-Mobile ONE customer, you have all of Netflix’s queue at your fingerprints at no extra cost to you!


Here’s your guide to binge-watching Netflix’s best TV and movie releases in August:




All About the Washingtons, Aug. 10th

washingtons-netflix via NETFLIX

A brand-new Netflix Original that follows a retired hip-hop musician (played by legendary artist Rev Run) and his family as he tries to balance work, family and romance while his wife (played by Rev’s real-life spouse, Justine Simmons) gets a chance to finally focus on her career.


Disenchantment, Aug. 17th

disenchantment-netflix via NETFLIX

Fans of The Simpsons and Futurama will want to tune in to this new animated show from creator Matt Groening! Featuring the same style, humor, and artwork as his other shows, Disenchantment is a medieval-fantasy series that takes place in a fictional realm called “Dreamland” and follows a princess and her companion.


Ozark, Aug. 31st

ozark-netflix via NETFLIX

Season two of the popular and tense Netflix series starring Jason Bateman returns as his character Marty Bryde attempts to keep his family safe from a Mexican drug cartel while they balance their own interests. This is one new drama-filled show you might feel compelled to binge-watch.




Like Father, Aug. 3rd

likefather-netflix via NETFLIX

Featuring the incredible acting talent of Kelsey Grammer, Kristen Bell, and Seth Rogen, “Like Father” is about a father who goes on a honeymoon trip with his workaholic daughter after she is abandoned at the altar. This comedy explores the dynamics of devoting your life to your career, and the effects it has on our family and those we care about.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Aug. 17th

alltheboys-netflix via NETFLIX

Adapted from the romance novel written by Jenny Haan, this first in a trilogy of films is about a girl whose life gets turned upside down when the secret letters she writes to her past crushes get accidentally sent to all of them. Awkward…


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