It’s late August. The sun is fading earlier, and the lush leaves are twirling slowly to the earth. This only means one thing—it’s time to go back to school!

Don’t let the short summer nights and signs of fall get you down — we’ve got the coolest and latest gadgets that will brighten those back-to-school blues!


Back-to-School Special: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Impress your peers with this powerful phone that features tons of storage, an amazing camera and smooth and savvy controlling capabilities. Visit T-Mobile for a huge back-to-school special on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 today!


Get Creative: Samsung Notebook 9 Pen


Just because we type and swipe all the time, doesn’t mean we don’t still use pens! Only, this pen is a bit more futuristic. Break out the stylus pen and create away! Write notes, draw and doodle, and well, have fun!


The Jean Jacket of Tech: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


The Kindle will never go out of style. Perfect to carry in any backpack, purse or briefcase around campus, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the new alternative to heavy journals and books. Highlight, take notes and even generate citations with the AMA citation generator. With more amazing features to enhance your learning pleasure, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a necessity for the modern student.


Sound Off: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones


Perfect to use during bus rides, walking around campus, carpooling or lunch, these headphones are designed using cutting-edge technology to cancel out all the gossip going on around you—so you, and you alone, hear your own music or thoughts without distraction. But, don’t get caught with them on during a lecture! For more information, visit Bose.


An Apple a Day: iPad Pro and More! 


Go back to school in style with a brand new phone from T-Mobile and get an Apple iPad for just $99.  In fact, stock up on Apple products that will enhance every aspect of your academic experience to the modern max. From the Ipad Pro to the newest iPhone, you’ll be set up for success!


Fully Charged: Mophie Powerstation Mini


If your teachers allow you to record lectures or use your phone for research, you’ll need it full charged for the day. And, don’t expect to charge your phone in the classroom..luckily, you can charge just about anywhere. The Mophie Powerstation Mini works on all platforms and is extremely dependable. Charge away scholars!


Stylize Your Locker: HP Sprocket Photo Printer


Where has this been our whole lives? Now, you don’t have to wait to print your photos online or at a kiosk to decorate your locker,  journal, or college dorm, or even make a scrapbooks and albums like we did back in the day. The HP Sprocket Printer prints your selfies instantaneously, with beautiful, sharp photos straight off your smartphone.


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