Although reviews of the LG G7 ThinQ are mixed, we appreciate its exciting advanced features (AI software, anyone?) that definitely outweigh any minor setbacks. From great speaker quality, to its wow-factor wide-angle lens, this simple phone packs a punch for the price.  


Here’s some of the coolest features it includes: 


Lightweight and Camera Ready

Thin, tall and light, the G7 has an nice large screen, and is still small enough to hold in your hand—perfect for vertical reading, taking photos and watching videos. It’s super lightweight and offers a wide-angle lens to capture everything in the shot, even in the dark, with its brightening capability— two of the most notable camera features.


Superior Speakers

Music to our ears. The G7 is probably one of the best phones this season for sound quality and listening capabilities, as the speakers (not a stereo setup, as in most phones) provide a “boombox” internal resonance, which means loud, crisp and clear sound. Plus, it contains a headphone jack (yay!).  


Cool AI Software

What’s better than AI software that identifies what your camera is shooting, adjusting everything accordingly to get that perfect shot? Nothing! This feature is a game-changer in phone photography. Coupled with Google Assistant and other fun AI software, this feature is out-of-this-world.


Dependable Battery Life and Wireless Charging

Perhaps the most necessary features in everyday life is the battery. It’s small, but  consistent, so there aren’t any dead-phone surprises. In addition, it offers wireless charging, a convenient feature must-have!


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