The totally elevated and enhanced iPhone XS and XS Max are now available, with the much anticipated (and a bit more budget-friendly) iPhone XR coming out later this month. Apple revealed their new smartphones on September 12th, and sold out immediately on!

Both the XS and XS Max promise bigger and sharper display screens, faster Face ID with advanced new facial authentication technology, a cutting-edge camera system with breakthrough features, and built using super durable glass and stainless steel. And there’s more…


A smartphone isn’t smart without artificial intelligence creating vibrant, unique virtual experiences with A12 Bionic, Apple’s most intelligent and powerful brain child (the chip, of course). Visit here for more specifications!

In addition, Apple recently launched pre-orders for the iPhone XR, a jazzed-up version of the iPhone 8, but with a handset and similar features as the XS. Visit or call your local MobileOne store to pre-order your XR starting October 19th!


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