Welcome to the future! Where cars, phones and now homes are smarter than we are! Well, let’s not go that far. But, smart home devices can certainly make our lives a little easier, and some can even be life-altering.

Once you know which voice assistant platform works best for you (Alexa, Siri,  Samsung, or Google Assistant, to name a few) then you can choose the gadgets most compatible with it. While there are a variety of smart home gadgets to choose from, we found our favorite smart devices that we think are the most relevant for any household.


Here’s our guide to the essential gadgets for building your own smart home:


Smart Speakers


Back to basics. The first smart home device you should have in your home is the smart speaker. From Amazon’s Alexa to the Google Mini, Amazon Echo, and Sonos One, the smart speaker is as simple as smart tech can get. Ask it anything. Ask about the weather, the traffic or how much pizza is at the local eatery. Turn on your lights, study with it or play trivia! The smart speaker is the perfect device to start off your Smart Home.


Smart Security


Perhaps one of the smartest devices created for the home…literally! Get some serious peace of mind with a smart security camera like the Netgear Arlo Q,  a highly intuitive camera with an intelligent and user-friendly app to match. Get crystal clear camera quality and reliable motion detection through your phone, plus  customization features. Now you can protect your family and your home around the clock.


Smart Lighting


Remember clap on, clap off lighting? Oh, how we’ve evolved! Control your lights ( the brightness, color, etc…)  using your voice or the push of a button on your phone. This might even be the easiest setup ever for smart home devices. From higher-end Philips Hue wireless lighting to the budget-friendly Sengled Element Lighting System, there are a variety to choose from that have all kinds of fun and innovative wireless lighting features. Impress your guests (and take a load off) with smart lighting!


Smart Comfort


Now, this is what we call instant gratification. Control your thermostat with voice or phone control and live in comfort all the time. Coming home from a trip? Freezing under your covers in the middle of the night? No problem. Your smart thermostat will change to your desired temperature at anytime, anywhere. It will even learn your routines and change automatically to save you energy and money. We love Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat for its self-adjusting features and built-in sensors.


Start building your smart home today with these inventive devices that save time, energy and bring a new kind of entertainment and comfort into the home. Stop by your local MobileOne store today and let our Mobile Experts hook you up with your smart home essentials! 


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