Virtual reality is here to stay and is only getting more popular as technology gets more innovative. Now, VR is entering the mainstream market, allowing more of us to experience our own VR worlds just by downloading a VR app to our smartphone! 

Whether you’re using Google Cardboard, Oculus or the Samsung Gear VR to enhance your Virtual Reality experience, it’s the creative new Apps that are making an impression in real life.


Check out a list of our favorite trending iOS and Android VR apps of 2018!




Named one of the best Oculus Go Apps, this app is music to our ears. See a concert from one of your favorite artists 360-degrees, from multiple “jump-spots” around the venue, including onstage up close and personal.  Compatible with most phones.


Google Earth VR


Fly around the world in virtual reality. Explore the Grand Canyon, window shop on the streets of Paris, or swim with the dolphins at sea! The options are endless. Compatible with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. See the VR Support section for more info.


Tilt Brush VR


Attention all artists! This is a serious, game-changing  3D painting app all artists must experience. Using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, this app’s brushes are very authentic using flat, wavy strokes much like in real life. Happy creating!


Disney Movies VR


Interact with your favorite Disney characters in their original fairytale settings. Become a part of the story, as each one is stunningly optimized for an authentic Disney experience. Compatible with VR Controller Touchpad.




Conquer your fear of heights with this VR App, designed by Samsung. From sharp 360 visuals, you’ll be immersed in three different outdoor settings such as a skywalk and tower with exceptional visuals to challenge your senses.  Use the Samsung Gear VR with Controller, and you can measure your heart rate and more, providing other important information to track your growth. Good Luck!


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