We are spoiled these days with the convenience of digital assistants that help make our lives a little easier (and perhaps, more entertaining!).  We’re taking a deeper look into the most popular virtual assistants and how they actually measure up in the real world.


Here’s our breakdown of the top digital assistants out there: 


Google Assistant (Google) — Best All-Around


A recent study From Stone Temple shows that Google Assistant answers the most questions “fully and correctly.”  Google can perform complex tasks like placing an order at restaurants, and is very context-aware. Another big plus is its availability on both Android and iOS devices. Google holds strong as the leader of the pack.


Alexa (Amazon) — Measures Up


Bravo to Alexa, the Most Improved Player of smart AI-Assistants. She answered 2.7 times more questions than in the same Stone Temple study last year. But probably her most alluring quality is the ability to pick up on questions or requests through busy conversation, as well as answer follow-up questions.  Plus, it’s customizable, as you can add a variety of skills to enhance its range of use.


Siri (Apple) — Like a Rock


Comparable to Google Assistant in intelligence and voice recognition, Siri is a solid choice for a digital assistant, and is compatible with all Apple devices. When tested, Siri ranks high in performing tasks such as finding nearby restaurants, and even making reservations. Fun fact—Siri did win the “funniest” AI-Assistant in the Stone Temple Study!


Bixby (Samsung) — Up & Coming


Popular Science sees a solid future with Bixby, stating that although it’s a work in progress, it controls Samsung devices well with commands like, “close all recent apps,” and integrates well with the manufacturer’s own mobile apps.” Overall, we should expect exciting new improvements with the Bixby AI-Assistant!

Not all digital assistants are created equal. Some are better than others in certain areas—so, it just might come down to the hardware you prefer. Stop by your local MobileOne store and our Mobile Experts will be more than happy to help you find the best fit for you!

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